Saturday, April 20, 2013

April Showers...and flowers...and food

Spring brings lots of new things. And there is a reason the saying is "spring into life." So, for lack of words sufficient to describe everything happening in life, I give you the illustrated version. Buon appetito...

Happy Birthday or "Auguri!" Tesoro!
I give you the Italian Man Burger -
gorgonzola and pancetta nestled inside a juicy patty...

these two pictures represent my first meal on the balcony of spring... a delicious salad of blood orange, carrot, radicchio and fennel...with a few other things thrown in for fun and flavor. That is Mt. Vandolino in the distance...made for a glorious day.

 we got another rain yesterday after a whole week of gorgeous sun...the flowers still provided some glorious light and color on my walk home though...

 and these two pictures represent my latest culinary accomplishment -
chicken roulade stuffed with gorgonzola and balsamic-rosemary glazed leeks...
part of learning the importance of cooking as a future wife...
challenge accepted...

In the midst of questions and frustrations and fervent prayers, God continues to remind me of His incredible power and love. 
Visa issues? Don't worry. I got you.
Birthday? Be ready for anything - it will be awesome.
Late trains? Hah...ain't no thang!
Dance stuff? Oh's on. You won't even know what hit you.
Visa issues? Nope, not here. I'm staying.
Birthday? Hello, turkish bath and sauna day with Tesoro.
Late trains? We caught the next one with one whole minute to spare.
Dance stuff? June is just around the corner...time to start choreography.
I don't know why I ever doubt or act surprised when something completely God and completely awesome happens. Duh it's awesome...He's GOD!!! And does He ever change? NOOOO!!! So why do I keep looking for something different from Him? Boohh...non lo so. 
But praise His most awesomely PATIENT Name forever.

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  1. Dude, I can't wait to come to Italy to see you and eat lots and lots of food! And drink wine while watching Friends. I love all of these pictures!