Monday, March 26, 2012

we can still read picture books

here are some pictures...
because somewhere along the lines of growing older, society decided that picture books just didn't follow...
in the words of my dear friend Emma Hawthorne...
view from the mountain
map of town

where Silvano works and gives us yummy "cioccolato"
I live here
cioccolato a la Silvano
lavender and un petit chocolat avec creme de pistache
Charlie in Torino
original cobblestones
clementine, origine: Calabria - Italy
How many munchkins can you fit on a bus? 
Too many...
first gelato at the famous Torre Pellice gelateria...
arancione, pistacchio, e fior di latte 
it gets better...
yes, he does have his degree in gelato
just teasing
interesting thought
What do you do when you drop a metal tray on your foot?
Call Doc Marco of course! 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'll Never Go To Africa..

There's this joke amongst missionaries that goes something like this...

"Don't ever tell God, 'I'll never go to Africa' because the next thing you know, that's where He sends you."

I don't entirely agree with that, because God knows the deepest desires of our heart and knows what's best for us - if we really, REALLY don't want to go to Africa, it doesn't mean God is just waiting to tick people off of the "I'll never go to Africa" list as soon as someone utters those words. However, there are times when that thing we think we'll never do or have never had any desire to do, is exactly what God wants us to do.

I feel like teaching is my Africa.

I swore I would never be a teacher. I've prayed and asked God to get me out of teaching situations because they give me the heebie-jeebies. Never wanted to. Was afraid to. Was too insecure to. There are a million reasons, but the bottom line? "I'm just not the 'teaching type'" Well, here God goes again with that sense of humor. Once again, He called me out. Today was our first dance outreach in Torre Pellice with children ages 6-13 and guess who was asked to teach hip hop? That's right...this girl! God did it again. He drew me out of my self-designated comfort zone into a wide open field, pointed me in the direction of teaching, held my hand, and said, "Time to go!" And there I was once again saying, "Seriously? Are you sure you want ME to do this?" all to similar to Moses' burning bush tune. Then, all too perfectly, God says, "Yes, sweet girl, this is what I want you to do. But, don't worry, I'll be with you all the way." So, I grabbed on tightly, looked into His Loving, Tender, and All-Knowing Eyes and said, "Alright Dad, let's go!"

And you know what? He was there the whole time. Forty Italian children, 6 OM dancers, 7 translators/volunteers, and my Father...made for one fab dance extravaganza if I do say so myself...

Hebrews 13:6